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Hello, I'm Max Glenister — a front-end developer from Oxford.

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A bit about me

Hello, I'm Max Glenister — a front-end developer from Oxford.

I like to create the bells and whistles that you will see and interact with when you visit a website. I'm as interested in how a website looks and functions as I am about how the HTML markup is structured and how accessible the website is.

I've got over twelve years of experience working with web technologies — the last six of that has been spent working in a professional capacity, making a living with the skills that I've developed.

During the day I work as Lead Front-end Developer at 2degrees (before that I worked as an Online Campaign Designer at RS Components).

When not working my day job I'm 50% of Marmalade & Jam, spending my evenings creating lovely websites for businesses in and around Oxfordshire.

In 2008 I co-created moanlog — a website where people can go to moan anonymously. My role at moanlog mainly consisted of implementing the front-end of the website.

In 2009 I created Dingoonity — a community centered around a Chinese portable games console called the Dingoo A320, and development on the console. I created Dingoonity by myself, but now I've got a team of staff running the community.

Through 2010 and 2011 I worked on various small projects, such as my popular "Install all Firefoxes" shell script for Mac OS X, and lots of userscripts for Greasemonkey and Google Chrome (most of which are talked about on my blog).

In 2012 I co-founded a web design company called Marmalade & Jam with Jenny Broomfield.

In 2013 I organised and held SusHack, it went quite well. Read about SusHack here.

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